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Educational Services

Simple yet elegant software and devices that all educators can easily adapt to. From elementaries  to universities we have you covered.

System Integration

Simpliflicity and Efficiency is very important to those always on the move and doing things on the fly. We have various options to integrate all your devices and systems into one easy to use app.

  • Control4

  • SP Controls

  • Crestron

Environmental Control

Being in control of your HVAC and Lighting system can be a huge money and energy savings. Let us construct a system that's easy to use and efficient  for all your needs.

  • Control4

  • Lutron

  • Crestron

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Educational  Furniture

Appearance and presentation is very important in a school setting . From fulling interactive workstations to stationary classroom funiture all the way to mobile furniture we have you covered with amazing solutions through MooreCo.

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Computer Networking

​In today's world having a solid and up to date infratructure is key. Let us help you accomplish that with professional and commercial grade equipment on the market.

  • Access Points  (Wi-Fi) 

  • Network Switches

  • Network Racks

  • Network Cabinets

Interactive Displays and Podium

With everything going on in the world with restrictions and travel allow us to bypass all that with our interactive displays and podiums. Have access to webinars and fully functional in person display with multiple state of the art capabiliies. 

  • MooreCo

  • One Screen by Screen Innovations

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